Lesson 9 – ‘S’ Curves

Using an S curve to create a dynamic compositionAnother dynamic composition tool is to include a "S" curve. As the name suggests, a major element of the composition would be an object such as a stream, path, railing, or other curved object that creates an "S."

If the S is right facing and starts in the lower left corner and exits the upper right corner - the feeling for most English speaking people is that the picture is moving away from the viewer.

Using an S Curve to create interest in the picture
Using an S Curve to create interest in the picture

If the "S" is reversed, and starts in the upper left corner coming down to the lower right, the picture seems to be coming towards the viewer. This effect is from, I believe, learning to read left to right.

Exercise: Go out and find an S Curve to photograph. Explore right facing and left facing curves and see how they feel to you.

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