Power Tips For Taking Photos For Your Custom Bedding Designs

Photographing your products in the highest quality possible is of utter importance when you're in the e-commerce world. It’s because providing high-quality photos of your products does not only attract more customers, it also builds your credibility as a seller. Some e-commerce entrepreneurs take this for granted and that's where they get it wrong because it doesn't just help you present yourself well, but it also helps speak about the quality of your products and services, and when you sell custom bedding designs for a living, you should give it your best effort.

Here are some power tips for taking photos of your custom bedding designs to make sure you're only getting the best shots:

  1. Gather all the materials

When you're taking product photos, you don't really need the most expensive gear on the market because even professional product photographers improvise on their set for the most convincing shots using everyday household items. However, you’ll need the basics such as:

  • Tripod - to provide stability for your photos
  • Overhead Lights/ Desk lamps - to provide artificial lights
  • White background - to create focus on your background
  • Lightbox - this is recommended for smaller products
  • Light reflectors/white cardboard - whether you're working with artificial or natural lights, a light reflector comes in handy when it comes to properly distributing the light
  • DSLR - although mirrorless cameras are much of an option these days
  1. The light is your best friend

When you set up your makeshift studio, provide as many lights as you possibly can. Therefore, you must make sure you're working in a room wherein the windows are wide to let in as much natural as possible. For artificial lights, make sure they are well-distributed all over the product to feature as much of it as you can.

Take photos from different angles and by moving the lights from time to time. In this way, you'll end up with more choices during post-production.

  1. Place it in various settings

Since you’re selling custom bedding designs, you’re basically selling comfort as well. Show comfortability in your photo by placing it in different settings such as being a crucial part of a breakfast in bed or being used by a person comfortably sleeping. For this matter, you're not just selling a product—you’re selling an experience.

If you want custom-designed beddings, you can get your own from Vision Beddings. Good luck with your photographing!

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