Lesson 12 – Pick A Subject

The absolute best way to improve as a photographer is to DO photography - get out and shoot. A great way to push yourself into better photos is by concentrating on one subject over a period of time. Each time you photograph your subject, whether its a person, plant, place or thing, find a new way to photograph it. It could be from a different angle, different time of day, different light - whatever you can do to see the subject in a new way.

For this lesson, pick something near by you can photograph on a regular basis. It could be: your car, your cat, your "significant other", your guitar, what you see while walking through the neighbourhood, objects that look like numbers, rusty objects, etc.

Anything that you like to look at.


Find some object that you can easily photograph, interesting or everyday - you'll be amazed what you see with it over time.

Every day for the next 10 days take some pictures of it. Look for different ways of seeing the same subject. Place your subject in different places, different light situations, try some of the different exercises in composition - find an S curve in the subject, or place your subject into an S curve, same with diagonal lines, etc. Just keep shooting and learning about the same subject.

What you learn from this simple exercise will carry through into most things you shoot.


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  2. I would just like to say excellent site I have read lots of books and site that explain about a
    Erfurt, shutter speeds etc, but never quite got it. You explain it so well I get it now. Thank you so much for giving me the understanding to start using my camera, as opposed to keeping it on creative options.

  3. I have broused over your lesson and will wright another note after I go though them with a more detailed mindset. I like what is here. I am stuggleing with all of the info I am trying to take in. After owning a Reble XTI since they came out, I am just this year realy getting the want to take a more quality oicture and learn about all the raw settings. Thank you for your time to help others as I would not know the basics of my hobby, Photagraphy.

  4. came across your website wished I had found it earlier every piece of info well explained and has been a great joy to read I’ve also picked up some great tips keep up the good work


    1. Hi, I’ll send you an email momentarily with a quick review of your photography.

      Just wondering how many people would be interested in having a one-on-one photo review by Skype video for a small price – I’m thinking $65 CDN for about an hour of reviewing a selection of photos (no more than about 15) and discussing what works in the photos and what can be improved. If this is of interest let me know.

  5. I LOVE your site. you have a lot of information that really helped me. I love photography but have been unable to afford to go school for it. I hope to sometime in the future. I cant even tell you how much I learned from your site. Thank you for all the info!!

  6. I am entered here very early but lessons satisfied me. Your information’s help me to compose my photograph properly. I do not want to get admission right now to Photography Course without basic knowledge. Hope that your lesson assist me to understand the photography terms entirely while I will do course.
    However it could be more helpful for the students if you make a space for students who submit theirs photos and correction Frame and compositions by your valuable comments.

  7. Thanks a lot for all your lessons and suggestions on photography it was really helpful
    your approach was very simple and sophisticated
    Definitely my way of taking pictures improved. . . .

  8. This is so delicate plain, soft and well written on one side on the other the form and input are really catching founded and a joy to check even for those like me already on the trade. regards.O

  9. This by far is the best online photography lesson. Better than my photography teacher way back college! Thank you to this admin for creating such website. More power!

  10. Thank you .. This is really helpfull , you have explained evrery thing in simple way with proper explaination

  11. Hey, thank you for the lessons, I read all of them, however didn’t get a chance to apply them yet. I bought a Canon Rebel 3t, it hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m really excited to try out everything you talked about here.

    I love taking pictures, just recording the moments I have. And this really helped me out so I can think like an artist. Like you said in the beginning maybe ever more important than technique is seeing the art in the photo.

    Thank you very much!

  12. I found your website while Googling photography classes. I love the information I found here. Thank you for providing clear explanations with little exercises that I can try. I have already put some of them to the test on my blog. Thanks again!

  13. A little trick I learned a while ago was using different colored plastic wrap for adding different hues, and some Vaseline along with a q-tip along the outer glass of the lense can also give an interesting perspective on your photos (although a pain to clean off) loved the article and it helped clear up some problems I’ve had, so I thought I’d share some cheap and effective tips 🙂

  14. Thank you so mush for the explanation, I was confused, and you enlightened me, your way of teaching us is so simple yet effective. keep the good work, and good luck

  15. I can not tell you how great this site is, you have clearly explained things that I have struggled with in my photography. Thank you so much. I am passionate about my photography and will share what I have learned from this, thank you. I eager to learn more and implement it..

  16. Hi, Thank you very much for these 12 lessons. I got this site through exchanging websites with other friends (Young and Old). It was very clear with lots of guiding instructions. The exercises are very well planned and calculated. The understanding of the many basics are “Master”/perfect and very clear. I got it Monday and now I’ve finished the “Reading & Writing”, taking notes to start getting out there and start practicing. What I appreciate very much is that the instructions are given to work without “POST-processing” in mind but to take pictures as if you were using a film camera.

  17. I enrolled in a photography course, but I swear I think Ive learned soooooooooooooo much just coming here, reading every lesson, writing them down to retain the info, and then doing the exercises. Wow! I never could catch on to some of these things. You really deliver info so clearly. Lightbubls were going off in my head while reading your info. Thanks so much for this! Best free info Ive ever seen. You’re the best!

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