How To Take Stunning Black and White Wedding Photos

Ah, weddings! Who doesn’t want to witness the solemnity of two individuals becoming one in the presence of their loved ones, right? We always say wedding photography is one of the most romantic professions in the world. Wedding photographers capture the sincerest times; they see the beauty of people and the event through their small screen and translate it into something tangible that imprisons the very moment.

Wedding photography, couple under arch in black and whiteOne style of photography that doesn’t grow old no matter the occasion and time is black and white photography. Especially in weddings, this type of photography can capture the emotions of the subjects and highlight the very essence of the event.

If you’re a wedding photographer who wants to try black and white or wants to improve their monochromatic style, read on below to learn essential tips in taking black and white wedding images.

Shoot in Raw

If your camera allows you to shoot in raw, do it. Shooting in raw gives you infinite control over the post-production of the images. If you shoot black and white, the photos might not be as good when you’re taking them and when reviewing them on your computer. With raw, you have the chance to process the photo and change it to a colored one if you think the black and white concept doesn’t go well with it.

If your camera doesn’t have the option to shoot in raw, shoot not in black and white but color using JPEG. While you can still produce reasonable results if you shoot straight in black in white, you’ll have more control of the photo if you shoot in color as you can always do your conversion to black and white later.

Keep a Low ISO

If you want to take stunning black and white wedding photos, keep your ISO as low as possible. While this technique is normal when taking colored photos, it’s particularly true with black and white photography. The rationale behind this is noise created by ISO can even be more visible in a black and white photo, so by lowering the ISO, you also take the noise out.

If the noise is what you’re after, you can always add it in the post-processing phase. Also, there are noise removal programs you can use during post-processing to reduce the noise of your images.

Mind Your Composition

This is no surprise for photographers. Alongside many other factors, composition is surely one to consider when taking photos. The general tips and techniques applicable when composing and framing subjects also works just as well in black and white photography.

The only major difference to note is you can’t use color to lead the eye to the subject. This means you need to be keen on spotting other elements such as textures, shapes, and tones and making them your points of interest. Pay attention to shadows and highlights, which are significant features of your frame.

Another way to compose your photo is to look for patterns. Patterns are a great feature in pictures because of their ordered repetition. Often in colored photos, our eyes get distracted by color and may not pay as much attention to patterns. Black and white makes patterns more compelling. Train your eyes to look for patterns such as people’s feet standing in line at a wedding party or cars in a parking lot.

Black and white wedding photography of coupleLook For Contrast

The most stunning black and white wedding photos feature a great contrast of black and white. Contrast in a picture that is created by a portion of nearly pure white and some almost black parts magnifies interest to the scene.

Capture Emotions

If you want to capture emotions of people such as the bride tearing up while walking down the aisle or the groom hugging the best man, black and white can be your best bet. While colored photos also offer the emotion of the subject, black and white goes the extra mile and accentuates the feeling and passion within an image.

Tweak The HSL Panel

During the phase of post-production, raw pictures will be converted and enhanced. When post-processing the image, you definitely need to tweak the HSL system in your Lightroom or Photoshop to get the most stunning version of the photo there is.


There you have the essential tips to take remarkable wedding photos in black in white. While it is important to follow the general principles of photography, it’s also crucial to discover and enhance your own style as a wedding photographer, just like Solaris which has established a unique presence in Houston’s field of photography.

Erika Bourdeaux

Erika B - wedding photographerErika Bourdeaux is a writer who regularly submits content to Solaris Studios. She always make sure she adds a creative spin to all of her pieces, and as a result her pieces remain entertaining and engaging. She spends her free time painting.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your great tips about taking Stunning Black and White Wedding Photos.
    Could you please, share with us how to create black and white images from color photos easily in munites?

    Thanks in advanced.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      The easiest / fastest B/W method is to set your dLSR to shoot both JPEG and RAW images, then set the camera to shoot in Black and White; this will give you a really good B/W image while also giving you the RAW image which can be used in full colour if needed.

      Next fastest, you can use Lightroom to change it to B/W with lots of adjustability in tones, a great choice. Lightroom is also ‘non-destructive’ so you can change it back to colour, or export to JPEG etc as B/W.

      Going to Photoshop, you can add a Black And White adjustment layer – which again gives you lots of adjustability for tones, but is a destructive process (you change the actual file) so ‘save as’ to keep your original file.

      Then, there are some great filters such as the NIK Silver EFex Pro which does a great job, has tons of great presets and more. But is going to take longer to get up and running. There are also a few apps for converting images to B/W.

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