Budget-Friendly Wedding Tips: How to Take Wedding Photos Like a Pro?

People love weddings — an age-old tradition of publicly exchanging vows to love and cherish each other no matter what life may bring. Because a wedding is considered to be one of the best moments that can happen in life, couples go through great lengths to achieve their dream wedding. As a photographer, this should be the prevalent thought in your mind each time you handle this type of event.

Photographers have witnessed people cringe when fees come up. As a professional, you should help couples in achieving a great wedding by offering tips for a wedding on a budget, making sure that the soon-to-be bride and groom get the best value without breaking the bank.

If you’re up to the task, here’s some advice for you on how to take wedding photos like a pro.

Client Management

Sit down with your clients so that you can set their expectations appropriately. They may have preferences on who or what they want to be photographed so take notes and create a checklist. Present the idea of having a photography coordinator to assist the couple especially for group or family photos. Show samples of your previous works and agree on a format for the final output.


Quality is expected from professional photographers, and you should expect the same thing from your gear. Choosing the right camera within your budget is a vital process, and if you would be doing the photography service on your own, having a backup camera is strongly advised. Features to consider are:

  • Interchangeable lenses
  • RAW format capability
  • Quick and accurate autofocus
  • Multiple memory card slots
  • Great low-light shooting


A big part of photography is light control. Flashguns and portable continuous lights will give you ample room to play with and be creative. It also guarantees that the subject you are shooting is adequately lit. Bring extra batteries for your lights and camera, too.

Straps keep your camera safe, but always check that these are securely attached to your camera as well as to you. Accidents do happen, and you wouldn’t want your camera to crash on the ground during a wedding coverage. For steady shots and long exposures, a tripod would be your best bud.

Mobile storage is another key accessory to have. This can range from camera bags to travel cases, depending on how much equipment you need. Strong, durable, and easy to move around are elements of a good camera case.

Don’t forget to bring a strong laptop with a reliable photo-editing software to process your photos. Your clients may want to check out your shots immediately, and your computer will come in handy.

Site Inspection

Familiarizing yourself with the wedding venue beforehand will simplify things for you. You would be able to map out shooting spots and natural backdrops. For instance, if you will be covering a grand Hotel Monaco wedding, examine the place before the day of the wedding so you can plan your shots and pick the right gear to bring. Don’t be afraid to use event furniture and decorations as additional props, but do remember to ask permission first.

Shoot a Story

You have the responsibility of capturing and preserving the memories on the wedding day. Be observant and capture the various emotions to create a photo story.

  • Focus on smiles and laughter.
  • Frame the tears. Don’t make crying people look bad in your photos.
  • Capture the beauty of the event: people, place, and design. Include the small details.
  • Shoot reactions and interactions: a father-daughter dance, a firm handshake, and a welcoming hug.
  • Vary perspectives. Do not shoot from a single angle. Go high; go low. Shoot in between obstacles. You may have to nudge around for a good shot. Be brave but not brash. 
  • Take group photos and do not forget to take family photos.
  • Keep all your shots and sort through it after the event.
  • If possible, create and present a slideshow showcasing some of the earlier shots during the reception. 

Let these tips serve you well. Be confident that being prepared will get you through the unexpected. Most of all, have fun!

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